Beillen V-Mount, Gold Mount, DV & BigPower Camera Batteries

Beillen BL-NP65 Li-ion battery BL-NP65
65Wh, 4.4Ah, 14.8V
4 level LED
71x184x24 mm
2.8" x 7.2" x 0.9"
1 lbs (450 grams)
NP1B type
£111,20 + VAT
Beillen BL-AN65 Li-ion battery BL-AN65
65Wh, 4.4Ah, 14.8V
4 level LED
output for cameralights
101x152x41 mm
4" x 6" x 1.6"
1.2 lbs (530 grams)
Gold Mount
£125,60 + VAT
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Beillen Li-ion Battery Chargers and AC Adapters for Cameras

Beillen BLB1702-T2F Li-ion charger BL-T2F
dual channel, simultaneous
charger and AC adapter
for our Li-ion batteries with DC connector
£148,00 + VAT
Beillen BL-BCR-S Li-ion charger for Sony BL-BCR-S
single channel
normal speed charger
for Sony DV batteries
£46,00 + VAT
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Beillen Cables, Camera Mounts and Accessories

Beillen V-Mount Camera Plate BL-BTK-S
with PT connector for cameralights
85x142x17 mm
3.3" x 5.6" x 0.7"
0.4 lbs (180 grams)
£26,40 + VAT
Beillen V-Mount adapter plate for JVC HD100/110 BL-HD100BP
standard size battery mount
converts 14.8V to 7.2V
for JVC HD
£104,80 + VAT
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